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Coffee and Community

Mixed Coffee is a Black and Ecuadorian owned coffee shop that strives to bring together a mixed community through high quality coffee, teas, and food. Our goal is to honor, share and celebrate our community's growing diversity while providing a safe space for BIPOC to connect and organize.

Wide Variety of Coffee

Most of our suppliers are BIPOC owners. From Latin America to Africa and Asia, our suppliers represent who we are. Our coffee is a Latin blend from ArKen Coffee that gives us an earthy, chocolatey flavor. Our chocolate is from the Ecuadorian Chocolate Factory straight from a family owned cacao plantation in Northern Ecuador, which our barista, Agustina Prije-Kapor melts into a yummy sauce! Our pastries are from Zuri’s Donutz, a Black-owned bakery located in Lynwood. Our empanadas are from a local Argentinian food truck called El Argento. And all of our other food is house-made!

More than Meets the Eye

We want our shop to be a neighborhood hangout where everyone can enjoy delicious treats in a relaxing supportive space. We work hard to be an inclusive and safe space.

New Kids on the Block

While we may be new to the coffee shop business, we are not new coffee or tea drinkers. We have sourced high quality ingredients to bring you the best products possible.

about us

Discover our Origins

Ours is a culturally blended family. My mom is Ecuadorian, born and raised in NYC. My dad is Black born and raised in LA. They met and had a family and showed us kids the world. My dream has always been to share our beautiful family, our food, our music, our art, and our nerdiness in a space for us by us.

Mackenzie Talor

"I am not the type to leave reviews… but you HAVE to check out this place. Creative menu, delicious drinks, friendly staff, to name just a few reasons I love Mixed. [...] Amazingly priced for what you get, and they even gave us a discount for being vaccinated!"
CUSTOMER - [All reviews]

Kesha Rogers

"I made my first visit today and the staff is warm and welcoming, the menu fun and full of things I want to try, and the environment cozy. I love what they’re doing and can’t wait to go back one evening with the kids for locally sourced artisanal ice cream!"
Customer - [all reviews]
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